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Kim Seon Ho: (delivers a lot of time message delivered from the Choi Younger Ah) A: How can you end up being?

Kim Seon Ho: (delivers a lot of time message delivered from the Choi Younger Ah) A: How can you end up being?

Kim Seon Ho: I really like their along with..but the outcome is apparent Kim Seon Ho: I believe she’s going to lay once more Good: You will find an elevated threat of you to taking place An excellent: Do you really find another with her? . difficult. A: https://gorgeousbrides.net/sv/love-fort/ Off my perspective, In my opinion [their particular methods] is constantly repetitive Kim Seon Ho: My head hurts…. Kim Seon Ho: I can find it when considering it from another direction, but from inside, they feels as though I’m in water Kim Seon Ho: It’s hard, instance I can almost see it but can’t. A: You are sure that but they are nevertheless shedding because of it.

Kim Seon Ho in addition to gotten guidance of B, a movie theater actor that is close friends which have one another Kim Seon Ho and you may Choi More youthful Ah. B believed to Kim Seon Ho, “She says she wouldn’t try it again. You really need to believe it in the event that this woman is apologizing that way.” Kim Seon Ho next decided to forgive her.

Kim Seon Ho: I don’t see it yet Kim Seon Ho: She typed the content in such a heartbreaking way sigh A great: What is hurtful is that everyone generally seems to get it done better however, dating, love, and even matrimony is actually

Toward July 24, Choi Young Ah realized that she try expecting. She called Kim Seon Ho if you’re weeping and get sent him a book.

B informed me, “To start with, the guy congratulated their unique saying it is a good thing. I believe he had been genuinely scared in the event. He extremely think a great deal about it. Unfortuitously, the 2 wanted to let [the child] go. And he carefully expected something from me.”

B shared, “Both had completely inflamed attention once they appeared off. This kind of choice cannot had been very easy to make. Whenever i went to the hospital together with her, he went to buy snacks having seaweed soups. He is a person who cannot make after all…”

Kim Seon Ho ready their own seaweed soup for two weeks. Towards the “2 days & 1 Night season cuatro,” he stated, “I know how to plan seaweed soup once the We cooked it recently.”

Choi Younger Ah penned inside her brand new post, “Kim Seon Ho’s attitude changed entirely following the abortion.” She mentioned that he “made a believable hope regarding marriage and you may launching [her] so you’re able to their mothers by the acting and you will sleeping.”

I don’t think she will boost which An excellent: This isn’t a drama eg “The field of this new Partnered” or “Love and you can Battle”

Centered on Choi More youthful Ah’s buddy C, she found Kim Seon Ho’s parents adopting the abortion, consumed together, and even slept during the the lay.

C revealed, “More youthful Ah stayed next to Seon Ho’s moms and dads later on. Seon Ho worked to construct believe along with her. The guy together with then followed a beneficial Shiba Inu titled Ho Ah getting their unique so she would not be alone whenever by yourself.”

In her brand-new post, Choi Young Ah together with authored, “Since he existed his young people inside the impoverishment, he has a dependence on currency. The guy just delivered myself 2 billion won (whenever $step 1,717) toward procedures and you will hospital fees.”

Choi More youthful Ah’s friend D said regarding it, “Her indulgent spending is burdensome for Kim Seon Ho. Having Christmas, she got a great 7 mil claimed developer purse (around $6,008). She bought it together with her private credit and you can obtained a loans import of Kim Seon Ho. [Friends] learn about it as she boasted about any of it.”

D additional, “I have not witnessed Choi More youthful Ah pay. Usually Kim Seon Ho reduced. She states Kim Seon Ho loves designer names? Colleagues all the see who is the person who it’s obsesses over designer brands.”

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